Craigmore Sustainables backs Meat the Need with more than 45,000 meal donations

New Zealand-owned and operated farming company Craigmore Sustainables is playing its part to fill food banks and community organisations nationwide.  

Craigmore has donated more than 45,000 mince and milk meals over the last three years through farmer-led charity Meat the Need and Feed Out.  

Meat the Need and Feed Out facilitate donations of meat and milk from farmers as well as donations of cash to turn into meals and supply to more than 110 food banks and community organisations nationwide.  

Managing more than 25,000 hectares of dairy, grazing, forestry and horticultural properties across New Zealand, Craigmore is passionate about giving back to its communities and working with support agencies to provide help where it’s needed most.  

Engaging in rural communities is a key pillar of Craigmore’s strategy, with the business investing in local initiatives and encouraging their farmers to develop programmes for their teams and get involved with their communities. 

Craigmore General Manager Farming Stuart Taylor says one of the advantages of farming is the availability of and access to high quality meat and milk products.  

“For us, being able to donate to Meat the Need and offer support to a charity that is working with people who are struggling in our towns and cities, is just amazing,” Taylor said.  

As the only charity in New Zealand that donates a consistent and regular supply of mince and milk to food banks, Taylor also believes giving to Meat the Need is an effective and transparent way for farmers to connect with the rest of the country, give back and make a difference.  

“Farmers who have the benefit of scale, such as Craigmore, have a responsibility to go the extra mile because we can share a little bit from lots of farms to make a real difference. We should be standing up and providing more, because we can.” said Taylor. 

Taylor understands that farms help to look after communities and he aspires to do all he can to support people on farm and the communities around him. 

“We’d love to see other larger farming entities jump on board with Meat the Need and support them into the future because it’s such a great charity to be part of and they are making a real difference to food insecurity in New Zealand.” said Taylor.  

Meat the Need and Feed Out General Manager Zellara Holden said Craigmore’s generous contribution has given tens of thousands of people facing food insecurity a helping hand.  

“To provide one meal to a community need makes a difference but to be able to give 45,000 mince and milk meals is changing the face of food insecurity in New Zealand and for that we are incredibly thankful” she said.  

“With the help of organisations like Craigmore Sustainables, we are able to nourish some of our most vulnerable communities with home-grown, grass-fed protein and calcium meals, a nutritious source that can sometimes be inaccessible to many food banks and community organisations.” 

Donations of milk, livestock and funds can be made online at  

Fonterra Regional Head South Island Mat Cullen says it’s awesome to see Fonterra farmers like Craigmore contribute so much to what is such a worthy cause.  

“Supporting local communities and charities like Meat The Need and Feed Out is important to our Co-op and Craigmore’s efforts are a prime example that farmers feel the same way. I applaud the team at Craigmore for what they are doing and continuing to do,” he said.